Allied Real Estate School Texas


(ARESTX) offers an education that brings students one or two steps closer to launching a professional career in real estate. The school is housed on the campus of American Institute of Real Estate Professionals (AIREP) and offers students a unique educational experience that is not found anywhere else. So, what makes ARESTX special?

Wide Range of Flexible Programs

At ARESTX, students can find a wide range of programs to fit their individual needs. Whether students are looking for a career in residential or commercial real estate, they can find a program that fits. Courses are available in traditional classroom settings, or they can be completed online. The program offers flexible schedules, providing comprehensive programs in a time frame that suits each student’s individual goals.

Hands-On Learning

Unlike traditional education, ARESTX provides an extraordinary degree of hands-on learning. This provides students with invaluable real-world experience. Through the state-of-the-art teaching methods, students gain in-depth understanding of the real estate industry. This hands-on learning prepares students for their futures in real estate.

Interactive Technology

At ARESTX, students benefit from the latest teaching methods and use of technology. With interactive lectures, workshops, and discussion forums, students can explore topics and gain a comprehensive understanding of the real estate industry. Online tools are also used, providing students with the necessary resources they need to further engage in the learning process.

Expert Faculty and Staff

ARESTX takes pride in having a faculty and staff of experts in the real estate field. With their knowledge and experience, students get the best instruction, guidance, and insights to the real estate industry. ARESTX also offers career guidance and job placement services for those that wish to pursue a career in real estate.

Outstanding Student Support

At ARESTX, students have access to a team of student services and learning aids designed to help them in a number of ways. From one-on-one and group tutoring to study and organizational skills, students can get the help they need to excel. Additionally, students can take advantage of library resources, industry-specific webinars and professional seminars.

The Finest Quality of Education

At ARESTX, students can get the quality real estate education they need to help them launch a successful career. The staff and faculty take a vested interest in the success of each and every student and ensure that their educational needs are met.

is indeed a top-notch institution providing students with the resources to excel in the real estate industry. With flexible programs, hands-on learning, interactive technology, expert faculty and staff, and outstanding student support, ARESTX has what it takes to create future real estate leaders.