Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance

is a real estate loan and mortgage-backed security (MBS) lender with a focused floating rate portfolio. It focuses on originating, investing in, and managing commercial mortgage loan investments and other commercial real estate debt and equity investments.


offers a variety of services, which include:

  • Originating first mortgage and mezzanine loans
  • Investing in mortgage loan investments
  • Managing and syndicating private real estate debt investments
  • Providing debt finance solutions to public and private companies, real estate operators and developers
  • Directly investing in, or serving as the manager of, commercial mortgage backed security investments

Investment Strategies

‘s investment strategies are focused on floating rate loan investments and MBS investments with medium- to high- quality collateral. The company also pursues investments in other debt and equity investments related to commercial real estate.

Why Choose Apollo CRE?

is a leader in the industry, having originated $20 billion in commercial real estate investments since 2013. The company has earned a AAA rating from S&P and is known for providing high quality services and customer satisfaction. Apollo CRE has a deep understanding of the real estate markets and can provide customized solutions to its clients.

is a reliable and trusted source of real estate financing. Its experienced and knowledgeable professionals provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of its clients. With a strong track record and a global presence, Apollo CRE is the partner of choice for clients looking to finance or invest in commercial real estate.