Appurtenance Real Estate


Virtually Unlimited Opportunities of

Appurtenance real estate is a type of property interest that involves accompanying a real estate item with a particular function. It is any structure, object or improvement that exists in connection with a main estate, and it is designed to complement the main estate’s purpose or use.

Types of

Any of the following can be considered appurtenance real estate:

  • Servitudes or Easements – These are encumbrances of a property allowing one landowner to impose certain restrictions or rights on the use of neighboring land.
  • Air Rights – This refers to the exclusive right to use the airspace above a particular parcel of land.
  • Fixtures – This category covers items that were once considered personal property but were installed on the land to such a degree that they have become part of it.
  • Mineral Rights – The right to explore, develop and sell minerals that are naturally found on the property
  • Utility Lines – These are long-term easements that allow service providers to come onto the land to lay and maintain power lines, communication cables, water, sewer and other lines.

Advantages of Investing in

Appurtenance real estate offers a wide range of potential opportunities for real estate investors looking to further diversify their holdings. Because these rights and interests can often be used in conjunction with each other, they can be interweaved with each other to create an even more complex and engaging portfolio for investors. Additionally, the scalability of appurtenance real estate investments means that it is possible to invest in one particular item with little overhead, versus investing in multiple items that require a larger capital commitment. Ultimately, appurtenance real estate can be a great way for investors to diversify their holdings and expand their portfolios for maximum success.