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Champions School of Real Estate, located in Austin TX, is the state’s premier real estate education provider. Since 1983, Champions has provided the highest quality instruction available for real estate professionals including pre-licensing, continuing education, and professional development courses.

Champions: The Gold Standard of Real Estate Education in Texas

Champions School of Real Estate has been the go-to provider of quality real estate education in the State of Texas for more than thirty years. Through its Austin location, Champions offers the following real estate education services and courses:

  • Pre-Licensing Courses – Champions offers courses to prepare students for the real estate license exams on all five levels: Salesperson, Broker, Inspector, Property Manager, and Appraiser.
  • Continuing Education Courses – All four levels of approved Continuing Education (CE) courses are available at the Austin location, including Salesperson, Broker, Inspector and Property Manager.
  • Professional Development Courses – Courses designed to help real estate professionals build upon their existing knowledge and hone their skills.
  • Online Courses – For those who can’t make it to the Austin location, Champions also offers online courses in Pre-Licensing, Continuing Education, and Professional Development.

Experience and Quality Teaching on a Personal Level

At Champions School of Real Estate, the focus is on more than just the material being taught. Champions strives to provide a quality learning experience on a personal level, with small class sizes allowing instructors to give students the individual attention they need. Champions also has a staff of veteran instructors with decades of experience in the real estate industry, so you can be sure you are getting the best education possible.

In addition, Champions is committed to student success. With free repeat classes, free refreshers, and free review classes, Champions provides all the help you need to pass your exams.

Get Started Today

If you are looking for the highest quality real estate education available in Texas, look no further than Champions School of Real Estate. Get started today and embark upon your journey to becoming a successful real estate professional!