Greenland Real Estate

Real estate economics

Greenland is a particularly attractive tourist destination located in northern Europe, being a self governed country within the Kingdom of Denmark. The population of Greenland is a mere 58,000 people, and offers picturesque landscapes, bustling towns, long coastline and exotic wildlife, among other things. It has long been seen as an ideal destination for a holiday or a retirement to close off active years. Lately however, it has become increasingly lucrative to take part in Greenland real estate investments.


  • Coastal Towns: Greenland has a number of coastal towns, with the most popular being Nuuk, the nations capital, and Ilulissat. Nuuk, being the largest city, is the home of the Norse culture, being a popular tourist destination for its cultural sites, as well as its great manmade harborside. Ilulissat however is world renowned for its dramatic fjords and internationally known as the home of the massive Ilulissat glacier. Therefore, Greenland coastal towns have become increasingly popular with property investors, who most of the time are seeking a second home or a holiday residence.
  • Wildlife: Greenland is the perfect location not only for ocean lovers and Scandinavian culture fans alike, but also nature lovers will find plenty of interest: Greenland holds diverse wildlife,
    including polar bears, whales, seals, several species of migrating birds and walrus.
    Because of Greenland’s harsh climate, few plants are able to grow. The land is icy and extremely
    unforgiving, so naturally the fauna is limited. That said, the wildlife that is present compensates
    for this and adds to the attractiveness of investing in Greenland real estate.

Greenland Property Market

The housing market in Greenland has seen very consistent growth over the last decade, and is expected to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. It is generally easier to find a property for sale here compared to of other major cities in Europe, which have much more stringent regulations, making the process of buying a house a more complicated one.

In recent years, the economy of Greenland has been growing quite significantly, and this growth is also reflected in the real estate market. With tourism and increased international investment come higher numbers of people looking to take advantage of Greenland’s unique lifestyle: and this is, naturally, reflected in the property market.

Greenland real estate is not only currently, but also projected to continue to be, a feasible and potentially lucrative investment opportunity. Its natural, untouched beauty, and a relaxed local culture make it an ideal location to invest in. There are a number of property types available, from luxury holiday apartments, to commercial properties and vacation homes.


Greenland is an exotic, tranquil and fascinating nation located on the edge of Europe that could offer a unique opportunity for real estate investors. With a consistent, increasing population growth and over 58,000 inhabitants, it can clearly offer potential for those who are looking to invest in a safe and undiscovered area. Whether it’s to buy a holiday home, an apartment, or a commercial space, Greenland can offer an ideal destination – with immensely attractive features, wildlife, and culture.