Masslive Real Estate Transactions 2023

MassLive Real Estate Transactions 2023

As the COVID-19 pandemic forces more people to look for their dream home, the 2023 real estate market in Massachusetts is looking brighter. The MassLive Real Estate team has tracked the biggest and most interesting transactions over the last year, giving potential buyers an insightful look at the future of the Bay State’s property market.

Highly Desirable Areas

The 2023 market saw exceptionally high levels of activity in a number of areas. The most desirable neighborhoods often had a few common traits in common:

  • Proximity to downtown: Buyers actively sought out properties located near Boston and other urban centers.
  • Excellent schools: Families wanted to ensure their children were provided with a solid education, which made Massachusetts’ education system a primary factor.
  • Affordable price range: Cost-conscious buyers found many affordable homes in the state, often during competitive bidding processes.

Notable Transactions

MassLive Real Estate recorded countless transactions during the 2023 year, but a few are particularly noteworthy:

  • Park Street: A 3-bedroom house in Park Street sold for $400,000 in October, making it the most expensive sale in the area.
  • Surrey Drive: A 4-bedroom home in Surrey Drive went for $370,000 in April, making it the most expensive sale in the area.
  • Strawberry Fields: A 5-bedroom home in Strawberry Fields sold for $350,000 in September, making it the most expensive sale in the area.


As Massachusetts’ real estate market continues to show promise, those looking to make their dream home a reality should be sure to keep their eyes on the MassLive Real Estate team’s reports throughout the year. With the right combination of location, price range, and schools, buyers can make a smart purchase at a moderate price.