Missouri Real Estate License Lookup

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Missouri allows individuals to become real estate brokers and to operate as a business. In order to do so, they must obtain a real estate license from the Missouri Real Estate Commission. A real estate license lookup allows prospective buyers and sellers to easily find a licensed real estate broker in Missouri.

How To Find A Licensed Missouri Real Estate Agent

The Missouri Real Estate Commission allows individuals to search for licensed real estate brokers or salespersons:

  • Online – individuals can access the Missouri Real Estate Commission ‘ s website and search for licensed brokers or salespersons by name, business name, or license number.
  • Phone – individuals can call the Missouri Real Estate Commission at 800-735-2966 to inquire about the license of a broker or salesperson.
  • In-Person – individuals can visit the Missouri Real Estate Commission to search for a broker or salesperson. The main office is located in Jefferson City, MO.

Important Considerations Before Hiring A Missouri Real Estate Broker

Before hiring a Missouri real estate broker, prospective buyers and sellers should consider the following:

  • References – it is important to ask for references from past clients in order to get an idea of the broker’s performance.
  • Experience – The prospective buyer or seller should inquire about the broker’s experience in order to determine if they are up to date on real estate law, trends, and practices.
  • Local Knowledge – It is important to ask the broker about their knowledge of the local area. A broker who is familiar with the area can be beneficial when it comes to assessing market values and trends.

Finding a qualified and experienced real estate broker in Missouri is essential to the success of any real estate transaction. A Missouri real estate license lookup allows individuals to easily find a licensed real estate broker that meets their needs.