Nevada Real Estate License

If you are looking to become a real estate agent in Nevada, the first step is to obtain your real estate license. This article will outline the steps to accomplish this goal.

Steps to Obtain Your License

  • Complete an approved Nevada Real Estate Course: You must complete a minimum of 120 hours of an approved Nevada Real Estate Course. Most schools offer an online option. This course will provide you with the fundamentals of Nevada real estate law and ethics.
  • Pass the Nevada Real Estate Exam: Upon successful completion of the real estate course, you may take the Nevada Real Estate Exam. It will test your knowledge on a variety of topics including Nevada real estate law, real estate math and contract law. A score of 75% is necessary to pass the exam.
  • Apply for a : After you have passed the Nevada Real Estate Exam, you must apply for a real estate license. You must submit an application with the Nevada Real Estate Commission, submit a background check, and pay the required fee.
  • Complete Mandatory Continuing Education: After you have obtained your license, you must complete 8 hours of mandatory continuing education per year.

By taking the steps outlined above, you will be on your way to becoming a licensed Nevada real estate agent. Good luck!