Real Estate Game


Real estate game is a financial management simulation game in which players manage their time, income, and investments in order for successful wealth building. By playing real estate game, players can learn about the fundamentals of business, finance and investing in real estate.


The main objective of thereal estate game is to maximize your financial success by investing in real estate, managing your investments, and growing your portfolio as you progress.

How to Play

First, players create their own avatar with a profile name and avatar image. After that, they are given a starting portfolio of properties and they must manage these properties in order to make the most out of their investments. As the game goes on, players can acquire more properties, increase the value of their existing properties, and earn money by investing in a variety of real-estate related investments.

Benefits of Playing

  • Learn from experience: Players will be able to learn from experimenting with different investment strategies and see how their decisions affect the value of their portfolio.
  • Practice money management: Real estate game allows players to practice keeping track of their finances and managing their expenses.
  • Gain confidence in investing: Through the game, players will gain confidence in making wise investments and understanding the factors that affect the value of a property.
  • Network in the real estate industry: Players can meet other players online and network, which may help with pursuing a successful career in real estate.


Real estate game is a useful and entertaining tool for learning how to invest in real estate. It allows players to practice money management techniques, experiment with different investment strategies and gain confidence in investing. It is also a great way to network with other players in the real estate industry.