Real Estate Title

A real estate title is a legal document that shows a person’s ownership of a piece of property. It gives them rights over the land and its use and establishes that they have the right to the property and its potential income, such as rental income.

What Does a Cover?

Real estate titles cover:

  • The ownership of the land. This includes the right to occupy, use, and sell it as well as to collect rents and other income for it.
  • The legality of the transfer of ownership. If a deed was recorded and any liens or restrictions were noted, they must all be included on the title.
  • Any limitations on using the property. Zoning laws, building regulations, and CC&R’s are examples of restrictions that must be listed on a title.

What Are The Benefits of Having a ?

Having a real estate title provides protection for the property. The title provides evidence that the owner is the sole and rightful owner of the property. Furthermore, it prevents others from attempting to lay claim to the property or from trying to gain access to it without the owner’s permission.

How Is a Obtained?

In order to obtain a real estate title, a request needs to be made to the local or state Land Records Office. The property owner needs to provide proof of ownership, such as a deed or other documentation, and pay the required filing fee. Once all the paperwork is in order, a title will be issued which must be recorded with the county recorder’s office.


Having a real estate title is essential for property owners looking to secure their property rights and protect their investment. Obtaining a title is not a complicated process and can provide peace of mind to owners knowing their property is completely protected.