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Real Estate in Yellow Springs Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio is a beautiful village in Greene County crowded with shops, restaurants, and so much more. It is located near Dayton, Ohio and is a popular spot for people looking to buy or rent real-estate.

Solid Investment

Real estate in this charming town is in high demand and still looks to be a solid investment opportunity. Property values have been on the rise, especially in recent years, bolstered by the popularity of Yellow Springs amongst newcomers of all ages.

Great Schools

There is so much to do in Yellow Springs, Ohio and much of the attractions it offers to its locals makes it an ideal location for families. Not to mention the great schools that parents can rest assure won’t let their kids down in terms of education.

Beautiful Location

Finally, the surroundings of Yellow Springs offers a tranquil environment and great access to some of the many outdoor activities the Ohio countryside has to offer. From creeks and rivers in the summer to stunning snow covered hills in the winter, you can be sure that living in this beautiful village makes for a wonderful life experience.


If you are considering investing in real-estate in the Dayton, Ohio area, Yellow Springs is certainly a place to consider. It’s a great active community with solid schools and a gorgeous backdrop of nature.

Pros of Real Estate in Yellow Springs, Ohio:

  • Solid Investment Opportunity
  • Great Schools
  • Beautiful Location and Landscape
  • Active Community