Troy Ohio Real Estate

Hudson Valley

Real Estate in Troy, Ohio is a great choice for those who want to live in an affordable, safe and family-friendly area. With the close proximity of the Dayton and Columbus metro areas, the community of Troy offers a rural lifestyle yet still provides easy access to major cities and amenities.

Average Home Price

The average home value in Troy, Ohio is $132,836 with the median price being $122,600. This means there is potential for good investments in real estate, with a variety of price points for renters, buyers, and investors of all types.

Top Attractions in Troy

Troy is a great place to live and its many attractions make it an even more desirable location.

  • Troy Strawberry Festival: A five-day festival held in mid-June that includes parades, rides, games, music, and of course, a variety of strawberry-themed treats.
  • Troy Hayner Cultural Center: Located in a historic 19th century home, this cultural center features art galleries, a library, and several changing exhibitions.
  • Troy Community Park: Great for picnics, festivals, and other activities. It contains sports facilities, a playground, and walking trails.

Why Choose Troy Ohio?

Troy Ohio offers the best of both worlds – a quiet, rural lifestyle close to major metro areas. The unique attractions, affordable homes, and growth potential make it an attractive option for those looking to relocate or buy their first home. Troy is the perfect place to start or continue your real estate journey.